Munich tram - a typical public transportation in Munich

People in Munich only use the word tram but the correct word is Straßenbahn. The tram is the original mode of transport we have in Munich. It is more than a mode of transportation. It is only a lot of fun to go with a blue and white tram through the streets of Munich. The start of the tram in Munich is 1876. During the october the first line opened between Promenadeplatz and Nymphenburgerstrasse. Back then the tram was pulled by horses. If you would like to get some more details about the public transportation in town and about the historie join our popular SightRunning tour in Munich. Registration is quite easy. Give us a call at 0151-61 36 50 99 or send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We fix a suitable schedule with you.

Oktoberfest 2017

O'zapt is! Traditional wording from the mayor of Munich Dieter Reiter for the opening. People storm into the tents to be part of this first day. But what ist the reason of Oktoberfest and how does it come that Munich celebrate every year this big party? Answers you will get during a SightRunning tour with us. Ask us your questions and you will get facts, details and stories around Oktoberfest. Let's join us for SigthRunning tour!

"Running is chocolate"

this is the headline of ReformhausKurier. The number of runners and joggers is increasing every year. Running is a very very healthy way of life. You do a lot of good things for your body and your mind. Let's join us for SigthRunning tour and you feel the difference. 

There are some beautiful places in Munich with a great view from above. For example the city skyscraper at Blumenstrasse 28b. Here you take the normal elevator up to the top, until 11th level. Leaving the elevator and going into staircase, opening a window and you have a great view over central Munich. If you are lucky and the weather is fine you can have a view until the Bavarian mountains. Try it!


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What does it mean "Entenbach" and where is the Quellenstrasse in town.

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