Christoph Wenter

I'm Christoph Wenter, raised in Munich, an original Munich „boy“, maintain the bavarian folklore and a keen sports enthusiast. I started my business of Munich SightRunnung in spring 2009. For me personally Munich is a city with relaxed and lovely people. Munich SightRunning now leads runners of all abilities on fascinating journeys through the streets of Munich. It would be a pleasure to show you Munich in some more details and many interesting points with feeling and motions in the town. This is my passion of Munich SightRunning.

Manuel HohenleitnerI’m Manuel, raised in a region of Bavaria called Holledau and moved during my academic studies to Munich. A keen marathon runner and finisher of numerous triathlons fare away from at home I like the feeling coming home. For me it is something very outstanding to show you unknown places and sights during a guided tour. We run together to our famous beergardens, discover historical highlights, inhale the christmas smell of the christmas markets and have a look of city surprises, Munich people sometimes are not on the watch.