Tour "Fascination of water in Munich"

Water in Munich has from the beginning the meaning of life, energy and economic exchange for the town. The foundation of the town is directly connected with the installation of a meaningful Isar bridge. The first town fortification was built with artificial moats provided with water from the streams. The river Isar was an important transportation route for wine from Italy, beer from the countryside and wood for the build up of houses. The numerous mills needed a constant running water for the grinding of cereals. Today the river Isar and all the small streams in Munich are like sources of life and places to rest for everybody. The change in consciousness for the environment and the special meaning for water in town can be seen in a large number of reactivated streams in town.

Together we see at this tour where water were playing a role in history and where water is visible and experienced today. We listen the sound of water and see the famous „Eisbach“wave with its artists. It is a pleasure tour and makes sense even for people living in town.

Here you will find some impressions of the tour „Fascination of water in Munich“

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