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Tour "Fascination of water in Munich"

Water in Munich has from the beginning the meaning of life, energy and economic exchange for the town. The foundation of the town is directly connected with the installation of a meaningful Isar bridge. The first town fortification was built with artificial moats provided with water from the streams. The river Isar was an important transportation route for wine from Italy, beer from the countryside and wood for the build up of houses. The numerous mills needed a constant running water for the grinding of cereals. Today the river Isar and all the small streams in Munich are like sources of life and places to rest for everybody. The change in consciousness for the environment and the special meaning for water in town can be seen in a large number of reactivated streams in town.

Together we see at this tour where water were playing a role in history and where water is visible and experienced today. We listen the sound of water and see the famous „Eisbach“wave with its artists. It is a pleasure tour and makes sense even for people living in town.

Here you will find some impressions of the tour „Fascination of water in Munich“

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Tour central area of Munich

Discover the beauty and history of the old city of Munich. Starting at Hofgarten, the royal garden in italian style, we cross Odeonsplatz which was in the past the gate between the old and the new city, before we arrive at the pedestrian area. You will see the royal Wittelsbacher residence, the national theatre, the old and the new town hall and the Munich cathedrale. The way back takes you on a journey to the famous Munich Hofbräuhaus. This tour is especially designed to run during the morning hours, when there isn’t much car traffic and not too many pedestrians in the pedestrian area.

You will hear a lot of Munich history. On the other hand we have some beautiful trails in the Hofgarden and in the English Garden to enjoy running.

Meeting point for this tour will be metro station U3/U6 Odeonsplatz or the entry gate to Hofgarten. The character of this tour is flat on asphalt, mainly historic and goes through central Munich. The distance is ca. 8 km (5-6 miles)

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Tour English Garden

The English Garden in Munich covered an area of 4 qkm and is in the international ranking on top ten of innercity green areas- greater than the Central Park in New York. The garden intends for the benefit and entertainment for general use as a public promenade. During our run we will visit the famous Chinese Tower, rebuilt after fire in 1944, with a large and beautiful beergarden, the Lake Kleinhesselohe in the north part and the Eisbach. We run along the Isar, Munich’s river through the town.

At the same time we pass through the history of English Garden, from the beginning of the urban park to the commercial use of the water power for productions. During the Olympic games 1972 the competitions of archery has taken place and today 4 of the most famous beer gardens are located in this area.

Meeting points: There are different starting- and end points that can be discussed. The character of this tour is flat on hiking trails, and goes through the English Garden. The distance is at least 8 km (5-6 miles) and can be extended at customer’s option.

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Distance approx. 10-14 km (6-9 miles). On request a shorter version is possible

Our Isar tour is the most sportive tour we offer: on the one hand is it ist he longest and on the other hand there are almost no traffic lights for a break. On starting point could be the Müller’sche public pool. From there we take a look into German Technic Museum, the famoust in Germany.

Along the river Isar we visit a public rosery smelling of lot of flours during the summertime. We enjoy all the nature on the bank of river Isar until we arrive at the 100 years old zoo Hellabrunn. On the way back we see some cuddly beer gardens, the old butchery area and arrive at the old and first cemetery in the south of Munich. A lot of very important persons are burried, like the architect Friedrich Bürklein or the painter Carl Spitzweg.

The last mile we run through the favoured quarter Glockenbach, passing the Gärtnerplatz and the Victuals market (urban city dwellers and tourists meet at midday at the Viktualienmarkt (a farmers’ market) to eat something small, buy special ingredients from all over the world for dinner, or buy genuine Munich souvenirs and relax a bit in the shade of the chestnut trees)

Meeting point is along the tour

Tour Nymphenburg Palace

Discover the beauty and history of the royal part of of Munich. Starting at fountain of Hubertus we run along the royal boulevards in direction of the Nymphenburg Palace.

The first part of palace was built in 1664 as a summer residence and at that time some way out of Munich surrounded by countryside. Designed by French-trained artists the central pavilion was designed as royal apartments and living quarters with beautiful paintings and opulent decorations. In the geometrical shaped park we will visit a cascade, small lakes and small castle like Amalienburg or Pagodenburg. Each of them is a piece of jewellery.

Meeting point for this tour is metro station U1/U7 Gern. The character of this tour is flat on asphalt and hiking trials, mainly historic and goes mainly through the Nymphenburg Park. The distance is ca. 11 km (8-9 miles)

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Tour Olympiapark

Run through Munich's largest Olympic parkland on this picturesque route. This area is rich in historic and sport buildings of the XX Olympic Games. Starting point is metro station Olympiazentrum. Here we will have the first view of the popular buildings like the Fernsehturm with its heigth of 291m or the famous roof of the Olympic area.

We will see Munich’s famous car manufacturer BMW with the BMW museum and the new BMW world, sport buildings of the XX Olympic Games and the Marathon gate. The trip can be extended about the Olympic hill with a beautiful view over the town and if we are lucky over the Alps.

The character of this tour is flat on asphalt; if you choose the option with the hill it is a little bit steep with 50 differences in altitude. The distance is at least 8 km (5-6 miles)

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Custom-made tour

It’s your choice: We pick you up at your hotel and can arrange an individual tour.

Maybe you would like to get some details about soccer in Munich or would like to see the witness National Socialism. Please let us know and we custom made your tour.

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