Tour English Garden

The English Garden in Munich covered an area of 4 qkm and is in the international ranking on top ten of innercity green areas- greater than the Central Park in New York. The garden intends for the benefit and entertainment for general use as a public promenade. During our run we will visit the famous Chinese Tower, rebuilt after fire in 1944, with a large and beautiful beergarden, the Lake Kleinhesselohe in the north part and the Eisbach. We run along the Isar, Munich’s river through the town.

At the same time we pass through the history of English Garden, from the beginning of the urban park to the commercial use of the water power for productions. During the Olympic games 1972 the competitions of archery has taken place and today 4 of the most famous beer gardens are located in this area.

Meeting points: There are different starting- and end points that can be discussed. The character of this tour is flat on hiking trails, and goes through the English Garden. The distance is at least 8 km (5-6 miles) and can be extended at customer’s option.

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