Our SightRunning tours overview

We offer great SightRunning tours in the beautiful City of Munich.
The average distance of a tour goes from 3,5 to 9 miles, but we are happy to offer you a customized tour, depending on your individual interest.
Usually we run in groups between 1 and 4 persons. Certainly we can also offer tours for larger groups.

In our tours we avoid traffic and busy streets as good as we can, which is luckily quite easy in a green and peaceful city like Munich.
Regarding the startting time and the meeting point for our run we are flexible.
Most people like to start close to where they stay, eg from there hotel.


SightRunning tour for business people

It is always the same! Meetings, conferences, business talk, power point slides all day long, hardly breaks, physical movement and fresh air.

Munich SightRunning can offer you an easy way to make your personal break, keep your business behind you for at least a little amount of time and to refresh yourself tob e prepared for the next business challenges.

Join us on an amazing and refreshing SightRunning tour in Munich and enjoy all these famous sights, cultural locations and the beauty of our City.

All you have to do is open your suitcase, put on your running shoes and start to run. To run the rest of the show is our responsiblity. You are accompanied by one of our local Munich SightRunning guides.
She or he will show you „must sees“ and some relaxing running tracks.
You can ask whatever you are interested in, including some ideas about restaurants, bars, shopping or dancing.

Our service is exactly tailored to your needs.

Let us entertain you !


SightRunning tour during the evening hours

Discover Munich in a different way! This is the idea of SightRunning during evening hours. Most of the sights give a quite different and romantic impression, when they are illuminated. It is amazing. Sophisticated lighting and a picturesque atmospere show a lovely view of Munich during the dark.

We show you the most beautiful illuminated buildings and foutains, so get ready for a surprising event and take some wonderful pictures on your run, if you wish.

Most of the tracks are lighted, your safety is important tio us.

The meeting point for our evening tour is Marienplatz, Odeonsplatz, or any individual meeting point.

  • City-Highlights
  • English Garden
  • Sport arena of the Olympic games in 1972
  • Summer residence oft the Royals Wittelsbacher and it´s famous park
  • Indiviual tours
  • and much more